Bathroom Remodeling

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Freshen Up in a Gorgeous Bathroom

Take advantage of our bathroom remodeling services in the New Canaan & Ridgefield, CT area

Imagine starting your mornings with a refreshing rainfall shower, then getting ready in front of a luxurious custom-built vanity. This is a reality for the many clients of JEJ Enterprises, Inc. We provide the bathroom remodeling services needed to transform plain bathrooms in the New Canaan and Ridgefield, CT area into spa-like spaces.

How would you like to enhance your bathrooms? We can...

  • Knock down walls to expand your master bathroom
  • Put in brand-new plumbing and electrical features
  • Add decorative Roman columns and stone arches
  • Replace your bathtub with a shower enclosure
  • Install a steam shower or Jacuzzi tub

Call 203-438-1855 now to schedule custom bathroom remodeling services. Be sure to ask us for a free estimate.

bathroom remodeling services ridgefield ct

Your bathrooms should be safe for everyone

Your bathrooms likely weren't designed with wheelchair users in mind. An ADA-compliant shower installation is a good way to make your bathrooms handicapped accessible.

We can include a bench, grab bars and clearance for your loved one's wheelchair - just let us know what features you need when scheduling a shower installation in New Canaan, Ridgefield, CT, or a surrounding area.

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